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Nap Syndication

NAP stands for Name, Address, Phone Number.

NAP is critical for businesses wishing to rank well in the local organic search results, because search engines like Google or Yahoo take the data into account when determining which companies to show for geo-targeted searches. For example, when someone types in “restaurants near me”.

About This Service

One of the more common questions we hear here at Milwaukee SEO Services from business owners is, “How do I rank higher on the ‘maps’ section of Google?”  Well there are many different strategies that can help your business’s presence on a search engine’s ‘maps’ section… such as business citation listings along with customer reviews on sites like Google reviews or Yelp.

It’s really all about the search engine confidence that a business and/or website going to be able to fulfill the needs of the person searching for a specific product or service. In order to build confidence with search engines businesses must ensure a search engine understands exactly who and where they are, especially in local searches (example – “Plumber in Milwaukee). When the search engines  see many business citation listings, all with the exact information (name,address and phone number), the confidence grows. When search engines are crawling the web they will notice even the slightest variations in a business name, address, phone number, and/or website address. These variations can hinder a search engine’s confidence and cause lower rankings. 

What we do for this service is go through all your current listings, and make sure all the information is correct and consistent. Then we go and build a bunch more. After correcting and building all these listings, we monitor the entire web for any changes that may happen or any new listings that may pop up and ensure they have the correct info.

Awesome Monitoring Tools

Milwaukee SEO Services has custom and complex tools that not only help us build these citations, but also monitor the entire internet for any changes or new listings so we can ensure consistency all of the time.

Social Media Analysis

Believe it or not, your social media accounts can effect your local SEO. Having the wrong information listed on your social profiles can have negative results on your SEO rankings. Not linking the social profiles to the website properly is another possible cause for lower rankings. We will go through all your social profiles and make sure that everything is consistent and completely filled out.

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