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SEO Optimization

for Gendlin, Liverman, & Rymer

You you may or may not know, the personal injury market is super competitive. There’s a ton of businesses in this space all spending a ton of money on all forms of marketing. To be able to save the firm money, it was extremely important to improve their organic reach engine listing through a very strategic SEO optimization plan.

GRL SEO result

Project Detail

During the deep dive market research for SEO Optimization for Gendlin, Liverman, and Rymer, we quickly discovered that the Milwaukee personal injury law firm market was extremely competitive. The costs for pay per click campaigns were very high (like $80+ per click), and that there are several very big players shelling out a ton of money to be seen. 

One other hurdle that we had, was the law firm had been working with another marketing firm that had been what we like to call “Over-billing and Under-delivering”. The firm had spent a ton of money, and had really nothing to show for it. They were convinced that marketing online was a waste of time and money.

After some convincing, Milwaukee SEO Services signed up GLR, and as of today – we have been able to move GLR’s organic search engine optimization results, getting them on the first page of Google for the most searched keyword terms.

ClientGendlin, Liverman, and Rymer
Project DateFeb 2016

Monitoring & Research Tools

Milwaukee SEO Services has the very best tools for market research, SEO Optimization monitoring, and competitor analysis. With these tools, we have the capability of determining a plan of action to help improve organic search results.

With GLR we were able to:

16 keywords in the #1 position in Google organic search rankings

21 and above keywords in the top 3 positions
31 and above keywords in the top 5 positions
47 and above keywords in the top 10 positions
33% online visibility with their nearest competitor at 26%

The brand has evolved so much reputation since last 6 month and has gained lot of business partnership from organic traffic and as a result an increased has been seen 19% lead generation along with an improved CTR.

Website has got 18% improved inbound link clicks from organic search along with a high jump in 8% bounce rate.

Monthly Revenue Progress
SEO Optimization