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Spine and Joint Institute

Local SEO Optimization Services

Spine and Joint institute is not only a chiropractor, but they also specialize in physical therapy. Both the chiropractic industry and well as physical therapy or rehab are all very competitive markets in the Milwaukee area. We helped them with a specialized local SEO optimization package.

Local SEO Optimization
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Project Details

This project was especially challenging for several reasons. The first was, the amount of local search terms we had to optimize for. We comprised a package that not only focused on chiropractor, but many physical therapy terms like elbow, arm, back, neck, hip, knee, etc. Basically any type of rehab for the body. So we were not only going up against the small ma and pop type chiropractors, but major hospitals like Froedert and Aurora.

We not only locally optimized for English terms, but because of the heavily Spanish population that they serve, we also did a local SEO optimization for Spanish terms. Because of the age of these types of competition, the shear size of them and the vast services offered along with the thousands of doctors they have, this account was a challenge, and continues to be to this day.

ClientSpine & Joint Institute
Project Date14 July 2015

Local SEO Optimization

23 keywords in the #1 position in Google organic results & growing

17 keywords in the top 3 positions
28 keywords in the top 5 positions
30 keywords in the top 10 positions

In the span of 9 months of starting local SEO Optimization, the total number of website visits have increased 36.72%.

Based on devices mobile, desktop & tablets analytical results they’ve seen an 18% increase in organic traffic online signups, and have seen an increase of 47% mobile search since the optimization. Because of the Spanish community has a much higher volume of mobile devices versus desktop or laptop computers, we did a special focus on Mobile SEO Optimization.